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The Services we Offer To Grow Your Business And Your Team

In today's ever changing business climate it is important that companies provide services to its executive team and associates that improve every day
working environments and to resolve conflict at every turn. Today's Chaplain provides services that meet each member of your team's daily needs
relating to life work and relationships. Contact us today to see how we can impact your bottomline for growth and prosperity.

We provide the best solutions

The following are just some of the many services we can provide to your company and your team. Others can be developed and designed to meet your specific needs.

Weekly workplace on-site visits

24/7/365 availability for crisis/emergencies

Chaplain visits upon employers request to hospitals etc.

Chaplain care extends to immediate family members

Chaplain referrals to other professional caregivers as needed

Wedding Services

Provide invocations/public prayer/inspirational remarks for ceremonies or special events

Marriage/Relationship Counseling

Management Services, assist supervisors/managers with absenteeism issues, conflict disputes and resolution, morale/engagement issues.

Financial counsel or referral

Tangible Results

Programs and services with real measurable results are what we are committed to for each and every business we work with. Here just some of the results you can expect in working with Today’s Chaplain.

Happy/healthy employees

Decreased absenteeism

Improve attitudes/morale/cooperation

Increased engagement

Decrease in anxiety/stress

Higher productivity

Lower turnover rate

Competitive edge for hiring and keeping top talent