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Bad marriages take time. Good marriages take even more time. All relationships require care and work relationships are no different.

According to Globoforce 78 Percent of employees who work from 30 – 50 hours per week actually spend more time with their coworkers than their families.

Great friendships are often fostered at work. But equally true is relationships can just as quickly go south. In fact, unresolved or poorly managed employee conflict is the single largest reducible cost to a company. Here’s how.

• Degraded decision quality
• Health costs
• Wasted time
• Lowered job motivation and productivity
• Loss of skilled employees
• Conflict incited theft
• Sabotage
• Vandalism
• Employee replacement costs
• Restructuring

These loses add up to real dollars. According to the Mediation Training Institute the cost of one conflict can easily exceed $100,000.00.

Conflict will happen but there’s a way to keep conflict from escalating.

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