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Job Security

Job StabilityA retirement party after 30 years with a company is something to applaud. Work dedication and loyalty is to be admired. But celebrations like this are from decades past. Today it is not unusual for modern workers to have seven or eight jobs over their working career.

Does this suggest job security is less important to employees?
Definitely not. Well over half of American employees worry about it.

Worry and its counterpart fear are reducing forces, resulting in the following:

• Decreased job satisfaction
• Lower performance levels
• Increased turnover
• Unhappy customers

Positive work environments are essential for workers’ mental, emotional and physical health but they don’t just happen. They are created.

Today’s Chaplain is all about positive workforce development. Weekly visits by a trained and skilled chaplain provide the kind of support employees need to address the distractions that affect an employee’s performance. Worry and fear are brought down to size. Happy employee! Happy customers! Happy employer!

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