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Dealing With Today's Financial StressesThe average household debt is $132,158. Of that amount, $15,675 is on credit cards. (

Financial stress can affect more than just the personal life of an employee. It can become a major mental distraction for an employee that results in a loss of company revenue and productivity. Due to stress an employee could have a higher absentee rate in an attempt to cope with their financial situation. Other indicators of financial stress are:

• 401 K hardship withdrawals
• Request for pay advances
• Wage garnishments
• Preventable medical issues
• Spending time dealing with personal finances at work

Stress management is common ground for Today’s Chaplain. And coming along side an employee providing the kind of support they need so they can be productive at work is not where the service ends. Today’s Chaplain is available 24/7 and can make arrangements to meet outside work hours.

Today’s Chaplain also makes referrals to other professional services as needed.

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