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Listen to most teachers and parents and it’s easy to assume that getting good grades is the answer.

But, according to Tom Corley, an accountant, and financial planner, who surveyed a number of high net-worth individuals, some of them self-made millionaires, he found most did not earn high GPA’s.

In fact, only 21% were “A” students, while 29% percent were “C” students. That fact alone has raised my hopes for professional success, not that I’m in praise of mediocrity!

How about family background? Did this play a part? Survey says; 59% of self-made millionaires came from middle-class households and 41% came from poor households. This proves again the adage, “where you start does not dictate where you end up.

As Corley writes; “success in life does not come easy. It is fraught with pitfalls, obstacles, failures, and mistakes. Success requires persistence, mental toughness, and emotional toughness. You must grow a thick skin and become accustomed to struggling if you hope to succeed.”

A few months ago an employee was struggling with job performance and relationships at work. They were frustrated and about to quit. After having a meeting with one of our Chaplain’s, a plan was put in motion for resolving their concerns instead of simply resigning. The end result was that relationships improved dramatically and performance rose accordingly. This saved the company from the expense and effort of replacing a key employee and also increased the bottom line.

Often times Today’s Chaplains offers real help and hopes as they come alongside an employee who’s struggling. The results are happier, engaged, more resilient and successful employees.

Every day it’s the small things done in love can produce big results.  What is your success story?  We want to hear it!  email us at

Posted by Today's Chaplain Team / Posted on 16 Jan
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